Healthcare Webinar Series Starts This Summer

health & well-being Mar 15, 2022
Healthcare in Portugal

Healthcare is super-important to anyone moving to a new country. Navigating a completely different system, while concerned about your own or a family member's health is stressful. 

It was challenging to secure healthcare experts during the Covid pandemic -- we didn't want to take frontline experts away from their critical service -- so we laid low. 

But as Portugal got vaccinated, cases decreased and our healthcare workers got a bit of breathing room, we connected with a healthcare service in Portugal who has the same passion we do: to support foreign resident success in their new country, and share details, how-to's, and what-to-know healthcare information to those exploring a move to Portugal assess this critical factor before relocating, and help recent arrivals get prepared, set expectations and be able to secure successful outcomes from their healthcare experiences. 

This important webinar series, lead by our healthcare partner, is in development and will begin this summer. We've have two additional healthcare provider partners on-board to help provide out some more specialized health topics and to offer different professional points of view. 

Only ExpaCity Members will have access to this healthcare webinar series, and supporting specialty healthcare webinars. 

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