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Moving to Portugal has challenges.

ExpaCity makes moving and settling-in easier. 

ExpaCity membership makes moving and settling-in to Portugal easier: research is faster, planning is smoother, your journey is less stressful and more enjoyable! 

All the information you need is delivered by trustworthy experts you can connect with for additional support.

12 categories of detailed professional information on every facet of life in Portugal:

Portugal Visas and Immigration
Visas & Immigration
Portugal Business and Employment
Business & Employment
Portugal Money and Taxes
Money & Taxes
Portugal Health System
Health & Well-being
Portugal Moving and Relocation
Moving & Relocation
Portugal Housing Rental and Purchase
Housing: Rent, Buy, Build
Portugal Attorneys and Accountants
Legal & Accounting
Portugal Education and Language
Education & Language
Portugal Pets
Portugal  Transport
Portugal Life
Daily Life

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You get additional resources to download and use offline to help you to plan and prepare: workbooks, guides, simulations, sample documents, checklists, and all Expert presentations. 

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What Members say about ExpaCity:

Fodo Breen-Anderson


"ExpaCity is a great program that offers video presentations on a wide variety of topics including taxation. The founder has brought in American, Portuguese, and international tax professionals to talk about taxes on both sides of the ocean so you can plan in advance. For correct tax information, go to ExpaCity and their experts."

Maxine Reifer Borcherding


"If you are planning or even thinking about a move to Portugal, ExpaCity is a must. When you don’t know what you don’t know, you can make what turns out to be expensive choices. The expert information and contacts from ExpaCity have been invaluable, providing need-to-know information and 'how to' advice that avoids reinventing the wheel. Join ExpaCity. You won’t be sorry!"

Kirk & Lisa


"ExpaCity has taken so much worry off of us as we know we can trust what we hear as opposed to 'Facebook opinions.' Honestly, at first we thought the price was a bit steep but took the plunge anyway. After seeing what is on offer, we’re now going to move up a level as we think the community forum will also be very helpful to us."

Kelly Ray


"Thank you for ExpaCity! I’m learning so much from the webinars. It’s so comforting to see an insider’s viewpoint and only makes me more driven to make the move, knowing more about life in Portugal and how it works. Simply said, the anxiety I sometimes feel is melting away with this new knowledge and insight."

Michael D.


"ExpaCity has made the whole process of moving to Portugal so much easier. We love going through all of this with you by our side. We can’t imagine anyone doing it better."

Susan Korthase

Admin, AFiP

"Unashamedly, we are endorsing ExpaCity with its professional advice from vetted, recognized experts on where to live in Portugal…it informs you so you can decide what part of Portugal’s paradise fits your unique needs. Invest in yourself. ExpaCity delivers."

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  • Library of 225+ hours of expert webinar recordings to watch on-demand.

  • Expert information to download for each webinar.

  • Direct-connect with each vetted Expert.

  • Expert bonuses and discounts valued over €3,000.
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  • Library of 225+ hours of expert webinar recordings to watch on-demand.

  •  Expert information to download for each webinar.

  • Direct-connect with each vetted Expert.

  • Expert bonuses and discounts valued over €3,000.

  • Weekly live Expert webinars.

  • 2x monthly live Member Forums.

  • Monthly live expert Town Halls.

  • Private Facebook page and events only for Community and VIP members.

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  • Library of 225+ hours of expert webinar recordings to watch on-demand.

  • Private consults with the Founder for custom support like: create a personal team of experts; identify unique resources; connections with special locals and internationals; your bespoke needs.
  • Expert information to download for each webinar.

  • Direct-connect with each vetted Expert.

  • Expert bonuses and discounts valued over €3,000.

  • Weekly live Expert webinars.

  • 2x monthly live Member Forums.

  •  Monthly live expert Town Hall.

  • Private Facebook page and events only for Community and VIP members.

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Exclusive Community and VIP Benefits in Detail

Connect live, personally engage with each expert, and fellow members. 

  • Weekly live members-only interactive professional webinars, 60-90 minutes each. Ask all the questions you want -- to each Expert. Hosted by Amy.
  • Twice-monthly Member Forums with Amy. Informal and fun! You lead the conversation! Ask questions, swap tips, learn from each other, meet neighbors-to-be, make new friends before you arrive, celebrate your milestones! 
  • Monthly live Town Hall in personal online format where Amy turns the mic over to you to ask any/all questions to the Expert that members vote to invite. Lively, personal conversation -- no question is too small, too silly, too unimportant.
  • No webinar registration ever. Join all live online events with one click -- even spur of the moment; we make it easy to join in.
  • No advertising. Experts talk about valuable information you want to know -- not themselves and their business.
  • Members-only Private Facebook Page only for ExpaCity Community & VIP members: snark- and troll-free.
  • VIP Members only: Concierge access to Amy for one-on-one guidance, special connections and benefits, personal support and VIP-only referrals. 

Plus All Basic Membership Benefits 

  • Members-only Library of all Expert webinar recordings. View on-demand, as often as you like. Downloadable presentations and documents. 
  • Expert Directory with our unique Direct-Connect service to each Expert: ask questions, book meetings -- benefit from ExpaCity connection privilege. Your request goes straight to the Expert with your message and ExpaCity's introduction. No more ghosted emails. Or share your Whatsapp to connect quickly on the most-used communication app in Portugal.
  • Members-only offers, bonuses, and discounts from the Experts and Preferred Portugal Artisans and Makers. Current total value over €3,000. More added monthly.
  • Secure, ad-free environment. We are GDPR compliant. You're in charge of your privacy and what you want to share with Members.
  • Your membership supports Portugal. ExpaCity is a legal registered business in Portugal which means we pay taxes in Portugal -- similar services don't. We only work with registered businesses in and outside of Portugal.

"ExpaCity was EXACTLY what we needed right now as we prepare to explore moving to Portugal. We had a big trip planned to come and visit, but of course, that didn’t happen. So we are trying to do as much ‘armchair’ research as possible right now. I have already lived abroad (Ecuador) and have gone through all of the things one has to experience to do that, so I have quite a bit of experience, but each country is different. We want to get ahead of learning so we can relax and enjoy our new life when we arrive."

- Andrea Lyman & Craig Culbertson, USA

Moving to Portugal Enjoying Wine


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